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MATHEW KLICKSTEIN grew up in Lake Forest, CA -- though thanks to universal preconceptions of Southern Orange County engendered by misguided TV shows/films about one certain area of his homeland, he normally tells people that he's simply from "nearby San Diego."


After receiving his BFA from the undergraduate screenwriting program at the University of Southern California (USC), Mathew immediately took on a role as co-creator, producer and head writer on a weekly travelogue for the short-lived National Lampoon Network. The show, Collegetown USA, is hardly remembered, and with good reason.



Bouncing around in the realm of film/TV production for a few years, while building his budding portfolio as a writer and journalist, Mathew ended up falling into the (un)enviable position of being the Editor-in-Chief of Entertainment Today, Southern California's oldest free-weekly publication (est. 1967). That was a blast until it wasn't, and then Mathew fled for work elsewhere: ghost-writing, freelancing and eventually penning the script for a film he thought would be a kind of "extended Twilight Zone" ... but that Sony instead decided to turn into Steven Seagal's one and only horror film, Against the Dark. Whoops.


Such experiences, along with the (coincidentally?) concurrent Economic Collapse and WGA Strike of 2008, led Mathew to abandon the burning sewage plant known as LA for Hipsterville, USA (aka Portland). Subsequent stints in NYC and Boulder, CO followed, with Mathew somehow both making a living for himself AND remaining as prolific as ever in the realms of short films, music videos, documentaries, short stories, girlie poetry, erotic literature, reportage and novels published by companies so small you've never heard of them or of Mathew's books ...

... Now you maybe actually kinda know who he is because he wrote the book about Nickelodeon (SLIMED! An Oral History of Nickelodeon's Golden Age), which found itself on multiple "Best Of" lists by year's end. Although, let's be honest, "wrote" is a strong euphemism for an oral history, no? Suppose he was more of a "curator" or "editor" than a writer.

Let's see ... At the moment, Mathew is touring with his feature-length documentary about Marc Summers, hosting a new podcast that deals with nerd-geek culture called NERTZ (based on his book Nerding Out, recently released in China) and completing a new book with lifetime Simpsons writer Mike Reiss about 30 years at the show for Harper Collins (Summer 2018). Phew. Also look out for some of Mathew's short videos, stories and the like scattered about the Internet and library archives. Enjoy. America.



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